Independent advisory service on diversification and adding value, integrated land management, low input systems and organic principles.

•  The Greenacres service will aid decision-making, updating farmers with     information on the latest thinking on production techniques, marketing,     research results and analysis of changes in CAP

•  The Greenacres service provides detailed technical support to farmers     through a series of field inspections and on farm meetings together with the     regular Greenacres newsletter. wsletter.

•  In particular this includes help with organic conversion, set aside    management and sustainable rotation and crop variety selection.

Organic potatoes for processing, Cornwall

• The service also covers pest, disease and weed threshold setting for each crop supported by regular monitoring inspections.

In the area of soil management Greenacres can offer a range of testing and    soil typing services. This includes a nutrient budgeting service to maximise    fertility-building plans.

•  The service also shows how to access agri-environment schemes such as    Countryside Stewardship Scheme.

•  Advice is also given relating to diversification, direct marketing, biomass and    energy cropping etc.

"We were very pleased with the work of Greenacres and hope to use them again on future projects" - Julia Proctor , Devon National Trust.

Triticale for home consumption, Devon

Examples of Greenacres consultancy work in the UK

•  Wrote feasibility study and business plan for the National Trust to develop direct marketing of organic meat and dairy products from    tenant farms in Devon

•  Developed an environmental impact study for the introduction of a novel energy crop as an arable crop in Cornwall.

•  Prepared the plan for production of organic vegetables including organic    horseradish on a recently converted farm in Devon

•  Prepared a feasibility study for adding value to milk by processing to produce    organic clotted cream, ice cream and cartoned fresh milk in Somerset.

•  Wrote feasibility study for the establishment of an on farm plant for the cutting    of meat for direct sale to customers in Dorset.

•  Wrote a revue of weed, disease and pest control products to consider for    fieldscale vegetable production for a grower in Cornwall.

•  Wrote a plan for the production of Shi-take and other organic mushrooms to    be grown in North Devon

Organic lupins for high protein feed, Cornwall

•   Wrote feasibility study for the conversion of farm buildings to be used as a Camping Barn with cycle trails in Somerset.

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