Independent advisory service on micro-finance, sustainable livelihoods, project management and evaluation, low input and organic systems, income generation, and fair-trade principles

Examples of Greenacres work carried out in overseas projects

     Installation of irrigation system as part of ODA project 1994

    1   Using Agricultural Projects as an Aid to Rehabilitation, 1996
    2   Design of a Marketing and Promotional Plan for village level farm          business’s 1997.

Micro-finance group, Nepal

    3   Agricultural Rehabilitation in a Developing World Context, 1998
    4   Using micro finance and fair-trade to add value to organic agricultural produce in Nepal 2003

   " On behalf of SOLVE - Nepal it gives me great pleasure to thank you for supporting this organisation and helping to meet it's      vision.......your support has been a milestone for our development" - Rajendra Pradhan

     ALERT Leprosy programme, advice re goat keeping, 1998.


     Sustainable agriculture and biomass/biofuel production, 2000

    1   Income Generating Projects for Tibetan Refugees, 1997
    2   Proposal for the next 5- year agriculture and nutrition project for Shannan          prefecture of Tibet, 2002

   "Roger, Thank you so much for coming and for all your input........look     forward to you coming back" - Dr Rachel Pinniger, Director, KunDe      Foundation, Tibet

Organic farming in Devon, presentations at organic horticultural sites in     Devon 1999

Hgh altitude cropping, Tibet.

Polish delegation
    1   Organic farming and EU grant provision in Devon 1999
    2   Presentation on Objective One and other EU funding systems2002

St Helena
1   Design of an organic farming marketing plan for village farm business’s 2000
    2   Time management and critical path analysis 2000

Papers published: -

•  Feasibility Study for the production and processing of organic    lemon grass, ginger and turmeric in Nepal and their import to and    marketing in the UK. at  the 14th International Organic Farming     Conference in Victoria, Canada August 2002

Perspectives on disability, technology and poverty Report to    Healthlink Worldwide and GIC Ltd. Overseas Development Group University    of East  Anglia Norwich September 2002

Book reviews:-

   Reviewed Shades of Green for Landmark Magazine July 2001
Fair-trade project staff, Dhankuta, Nepal